Let's face it... America in 2024 is far beyond the crossroads.

Our borders are gone. Our cities are decimated. Our families are being crushed by rising inflation and the shrinking economy. Our government is bankrupt. We can't even tell the difference between boys and girls.

We've talked about building back better. We've been trying to make America great again.

Isn't it time to PRAY America great again?

We're looking for a remnant of faith-filled Americans who will say, "YES, I'LL PRAY AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in 2024."

We hope hundreds of thousands will make PRAY AMERICA a movement this year. But we'll take a Gideon's Army who believe that politics won't decide our fate, but prayer will.

Simply complete this form to join the PRAYER TEAM FOR AMERICA in 2024. We'll connect you with prayer resources and other praying Americans in this critical year.

Will you sign up?