You're In! Thanks For Praying!

Now, help us rally millions to PRAY America Great Again in this critical year!

Thank you for praying with us... 2024 is beyond pivotal -- America may never recover if we don't get back on track!

We really believe PRAYER is America's best hope. And we want to reach millions to PRAY America Great Again!

+ + Here's how you can help...

  • Just $30 will help us reach 10,000 people;
  • $60 will reach 20,000 people;
  • $100 will reach over 33,000 people

We'll need to reach MILLIONS to rally THOUSANDS. Thousands taking time to PRAY America Great Again could change everything!

+ + Our gifts to you

If you can contribute ANY AMOUNT to help rally folks to PRAY America Great Again, we'll send you FOUR "Pray America" ReStickers so you can help spread the word and stand for PRAYER during this crucial year!